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Foundation Underpinning

What Is Underpinning?

Underpinning is a process used to remedy damaged, or settling foundations; or when more height is desired in a basement or cellar. Underpinning helps to remediate the impact of foundation movement caused by soil settlement or consolidation, pile failure, water erosion, or improper initial installation. It provides more stable support for a building to prevent shifting and settling that can make foundation unstable. Often older basements do not have the “headroom” or height needed when developing a basement. Certain forms of underpinning assist in the creation of this needed height. Underpinning should be overseen by a Structural Engineer so they can provide expert guidance through design and construction.

Mass Pour Underpinning

Depending on the outcome of the structural engineering assessment and design process, a mass pour might be done. This is the most efficient method as it is a continuous pour of reinforced concrete underneath the current foundation.

Multi-pile Underpinning

If the soil is less stable and deeper depths for proper bearing support need to be attained. Underpinning piles may need to be installed. Abarent has extensive experience using it’s proprietary Steel Pipe Push Piles or Screw Piles depending on the specific circumstances of the project.

Basement & Foundation Underpinning

Abarent employs knowledgeable underpinning technicians and engineers who will assess the situation and come up with a plan based on the specific requirements of the project. We have been improving foundations since 1989 and we possess the qualifications, experience, and the equipment needed to complete your project.

Underpinning for a Foundation

Buildings have a tendency to sink and shift. The original foundation may be flawed because it was constructed incorrectly, changes to soil moisture content may have occurred, or an event that has impacted the foundation’s ability to perform. Underpinning will help correct this.

Underpinning for Basement Lowering

Many older homes were not built with the foresight that people may want to use the basement as a functional living space. Some basements are glorified crawl spaces or with barely enough room to walk around. Underpinning can help to fix this and give you more room by lowering your basement. Increasing “headroom” means you can develop your basement-increasing living space, function, and property value.

When Is Underpinning Necessary?

There are several situations in which underpinning may be needed to reinforce your foundation.

  • If you see large cracks in the walls of your home.
  • If your floors have become uneven, and your doors and windows are off square.
  • If your garage door is off square and won’t close properly.
  • If a basement is being lowered.
  • If you have an addition and it appears to be separating from the house.

All of these signs above can point to a weakened foundation from soil shifting or a need due to development requirements. We recommend not ignoring these signs or needs and contacting an underpinning contractor for an estimate. Abarent’s experienced engineers can analyze your situation and come up with a detailed remediation and construction plan

A house may need underpinning if you’re adding a level to a property, underpinning is required as an extra level means significant more weight which can cause a severe sinking of the foundation. Underpinning helps reinforce the foundation so this doesn’t occur. Also, if you are considering lowering your basement because of foundation issues, or for more space, your house will need underpinning as you will have to excavate into the soil and reinforce the integrity of the foundation.

Get An Underpinning Estimate

If you are experiencing any foundation issues you might require underpinning please contact Abarent’s Vancouver office.

We can discuss the details of your project, our range of work and provide you with an underpinning cost estimate based on your specific needs and budget.

Get An Underpinning Estimate

If you are experiencing any foundation issues you might require underpinning please contact Abarent’s Vancouver office.

We can discuss the details of your project, our range of work and provide you with an underpinning cost estimate based on your specific needs and budget.

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What our customers say

The basement and foundation repair services of Abarent Construction Edmonton were effective, efficient and timely in all aspects in addressing the tiny, hairline crack, the first crack in 26 years due to the bizarre freezing and thawing that occurred this year, along a foundation wall. Jim and Lannie, the two gentlemen that performed the work explained what they observed and assured us that the two day work plan was well in hand. They were polite, hardworking and thorough in their inspection and remediation as they also confirmed the weeping tile was in good condition.

Mark Whetstone

Abarent provided a 3-page, itemized list of the specific work to be done at each stage of the project, including descriptions of optional issues (including additional costs) that might arise during the work. The company president did the initial walk-through for their estimate and later went through it, line by line. He pointed out potential problems and things we had to prepare for during the work (extra cracks, concrete dust, effects on neighbors, etc.)... Repairing a foundation is a very traumatic event for any householder because all of your house investment is (literally!) in the air. If you have to do it, call Abarent. They are professional - we cannot recommend them highly enough.

John Baker

It is terrific to see that your company's motto of "Quality without Compromise" is more than just words... The job was completed ahead of schedule and the workers ensured that when they left, the yard looked just like it did when they arrive. Well, actually it looked better...

Don and Eve Neil

(After a record-breaking rainfall in July 2012 and days before we were leaving on vacation, we returned home and) found that our basement was flooded...The Abarent team had done what I thought was impossible. They installed the weeping tile in two days over the long weekend and on a very tight deadline. Their crew was very professional and know what they were doing... Two days before our vacation, the project was complete and we were able to leave and enjoy our family vacation without worrying about flooding.

Andrew Campbell

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