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Fully Insured & Warrantied Foundation Repair in Edmonton

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30+ years in basement foundation repair with proprietary methods that provide lasting foundation protection.

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Cracked Foundation Repair in Edmonton and area

Movement on a building’s foundation is quite common in Edmonton due to changes in moisture content in the sensitive soils we have in the area.

Have a leaky, cracked, or sunken foundation?

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Foundation Cracks

  • Holes around window frames and doors
  • Cracked moldings
  • Warped siding
  • Drywall and interior finish cracks
  • Windows and doors not functioning properly
  • Sloping Floors
  • Cracked tiles
  • Indoor humidity
  • Water in basement
  • Bowed foundation walls
  • Shifting walls and baseboards

Abarent’s Lifetime Foundation Warranty Is Transferable and Extensive

Making an investment toward fixing your foundation is a big decision.

As Alberta’s leading provider of foundation waterproofing, foundation underpinning, and repair solutions, we’ve perfected the value that our foundation warranties bring to clients.

We build lifetime warranties into our written contracts with customers before starting off on a project. Because foundations repaired with temporary solutions can resurface often costing more than an initial fix, it is critical to trust a company that provides a written warranty to back their claims.

Since a solid lasting foundation requires dedicated resources, our comprehensive foundation estimates come with:

  • Comprehensive Warranty
  • $5 million in Liability Insurance and Errors and Omission Insurance
  • WCB Coverage
  • References and proof of license with project estimates

Why Clients Trust Our Foundation Contractors

From the start of every foundation project, our customers know when their foundation repair is scheduled for completion, with specific and detailed estimates.

Transparency in the work being done and the cost attached to it is of utmost importance, and that is one of the reasons why homeowners trust that we’ll provide them with a structurally sound foundation.

The basement and foundation repair services of Abarent Construction Edmonton were effective, efficient and timely in all aspects in addressing the tiny, hairline crack, the first crack in 26 years due to the bizarre freezing and thawing that occurred this year, along a foundation wall. Jim and Lannie, the two gentlemen that performed the work explained what they observed and assured us that the two day work plan was well in hand. They were polite, hardworking and thorough in their inspection and remediation as they also confirmed the weeping tile was in good condition.

Mark Whetstone

Their employees were hard working, knowledgeable and courteous. They were so confident that they were going to fix my problem for good, that it left me with no doubt. Although there are many companies doing this type of work, Abarent clearly knows their stuff. Once the job was done, I knew I had made the right choice.

Larry MacDonald

Permanent and Reliable Foundation Treatment

Your home or building project requires a solid and structurally sound foundation to retain value and prevent costly future damage.

Whether it’s your primary residence, place of business, or an investment property, you need a professional foundation specialist guiding you through the repair work.

Left under-treated, cracks in your foundation can resurface with more potential damage to the structural integrity of your house.

Some homeowners experiment with epoxy crack injections or other interior repairs, which don’t always withstand harsh weather cycles or the type of soil that the foundation bears on . Moisture seeps in through the temporarily filled cracks, further movement may occur and cracks can re-open and widen.

A professional foundation inspection reveals the full scope of the problem by helping us evaluate any adjacent issues caused by a leaking basement or cracked foundation.

In some cases, depending on development plans, you may even want to replace your foundation outright or look to lower the basement floor to add to your living area.

  • Transparent, no-obligation consultation
  • Thorough foundation inspection
  • Abarent’s Contingency-Proof Client Care Program
  • Accurate estimate (no sticker shock) of the job
  • Detailed job schedule with firm timelines
  • Dedicated and qualified team of supervisors and workers
  • Clear communication with periodic updates
  • Comprehensive and transferable warranties
  • Liability and WCB Coverage

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Along with residential foundation repairs, our structural engineers in Edmonton have led commercial and industrial repair projects throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

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