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Abarent Foundation Repairs Edmonton Hydraulic Push Pile Installation

Push Pile Main Pier Extensions

Abarent Construction’s Proprietary Hydraulically installed Steel Pipe Push Pile has many distinct advantages in foundation underpinning situations:

  • Tight Access Installation
  • Can be installed on interior or exterior of buildings
  • Can be designed for Compression and/or Tension loads
  • Concentrically installed and Pre-loaded
  • Piles do not induce eccentric loads
  • Piles are load tested during installation
  • Underpinning brackets have been 3rd party tested
  • Allow for multi-jack lift and leveling of structures
  • Designed by an APEGA Permitted firm with Engineering responsible for detailed pile design

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What Are Steel Pipe Push Piles?

Steel Pipe Push Piles or Hydraulic Push Piers, also known as Jack Piles are hydraulically driven sections of pipe that are coupled and/or bolted together in sections. When used for underpinning, the pile is installed to the required depth and load, then an underpinning bracket is installed on the top of the pile to the underside of the structure’s foundation. Push Piles were initially developed in the early 20th century and over the years have evolved for use in several applications.

Push Pile Main Pier Extensions

What are the Benefits of Steel Push Piles?

Steel push piles are a type of deep foundation system that provides support for structures by driving, steel pipe into the ground. They offer several benefits over traditional foundation methods, including:

  • They can be installed in areas with poor soil conditions: Steel push piles can be used in areas where the soil is not suitable for traditional foundation methods, such as soft soil, clay, or fill soils.
  • They provide a stronger and more stable foundation: Steel push piles can provide a stronger and more stable foundation than traditional methods, as they transfer the load of the building directly to the soil, rather than relying on the strength of the soil to support the building.
  • They are less affected by freeze-thaw cycles: Steel push piles are not affected by the freeze-thaw cycles that can cause damage to traditional foundations, such as concrete.
  • They are easy to install: Steel push piles can be installed quickly and efficiently using a hydraulic hammer.
  • They are suitable for seismic areas: Steel push piles have a high capacity of load bearing and can resist seismic forces, making them suitable for areas prone to earthquakes.
  • They are suitable for heavy loads: Steel push piles are suitable for heavy loads and can resist the weight of large buildings or structures.
  • They are Load Tested during the installation: This is a measured system. We can calculate what these piles will handle for loads during every installation

How Are Steel Push Piles Installed?

The installation of the Push Piles utilizes the mass of the existing structure to push against in order to advance the pile into the ground. The pile is installed in sections, the length of which is governed by the depth of the excavation beneath the foundation and the characteristics of the hydraulic driving equipment. Abarent Constructions Pile sections utilize a machined collar for connecting subsequent sections. This provides for lateral and buckling strength for the completed pile with a tight fit so there is no movement.

Abarent Constructions Push Piles are installed concentrically, which means that they are installed directly underneath the centerline of the bearing wall / foundation above. This prevents the creation of eccentric (twisting) loads on the existing foundation structure.

Abarent Construction Manufacturing & Quality

Abarent Construction has exerted a lot of time and resources to evolve the traditional Steel Pipe Push Pile. We recognized that a lot of the Push Pile applications currently being used in our industry could be improved upon. Kevin Braddell (Founder and Owner of Abarent Construction) along with the Engineering department worked on a regiment of testing and alterations to come up with the proprietary design it uses today. Components of the pile system including the underpinning bracket assembly have been tested in a 3rd party laboratory. These tests have proven that the components tested far exceed loads that they are required to handle.

  • All pile components are manufactured in a certified fabrication shop according to strict design and QA/QC requirements
  • Material can be traceable if requested
  • Bracket components may be stainless or grouted for corrosion control
  • All installations are fully Engineered, Inspected and Permitted with a comprehensive Compliance and Turnover package on every project

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